How do the shirts fit? What are they made of? On each product page, there is a description of the shirt. All of the styles are regular fit.

When can i expect my shirt to arrive? Once you receive an email confirmation that your shirt has been ordered, you should expect it to arrive within 2 weeks.

Are they available locally or do I have to pay shipping?  At this time, they are only available online and we have to charge shipping in order to cover those costs.  We will update status to let you know if the shirts become available to pick up locally.

What does the shipping cost include?  The amount we charge for shipping covers shipping, packaging, handling, and fulfillment.

I don’t like the charities you chose. I want to support a different organization.  We understand that everyone has different passions. These are ours. As well as ones other members of this community have chosen. We encourage you to support whichever charity you choose. However, if you decide to purchase one of our shirts, the organizations that are mentioned on the respective shirt page will receive the the charitable proceeds.

Are you a legally formed organization?  YEP, We are registered and legit.  My Shirt Helps LLC is in compliance with standard 19 of the BBB by clearly disclosing the actual portion that will benefit the charity (100% of the profits), and any durations for campaigns. There will not be any maximum amounts capped.

What does "100% of profits" mean?  Profits means the amount received after all costs are deducted from the sale. On a short run of shirts (250 or so) the costs per shirt are much higher than a large run of shirts (1000+), which is why we can't say an exact amount of each shirt to charity. The more shirts ordered, the higher the percentage of that shirt's cost is profit and can go to charity. We estimate that each shirt can yield up to $7.35 to charity (minimum with short run and coupons: $3.20). WHAT IS OUR COMMITMENT? if it doesn't sell, we eat the cost / risk of the shirts we printed and gladly write a $100 check to that charity, because we believe in it!

So how can I TRUST you, ARE you REALLY giving the money to charities? Yes we really are, can you believe it?  Our involvement with Nashville Flood Tees raised over $200,000 in 3 months to give to 4 local charities to directly help the nashville flood victims. A few churches benefited as well as the United way of Williamson County & Music Cares.  If you need clarification or thousands or references please visit the nashville flood tees facebook page .  If this isn't enough for you, please feel free to donate your money directly to the charity of your choice.

I had some problems placing my order.  How do I know it was actually received? If you received a confirmation email stating that your order was placed, your shirts will be shipped as soon as possible.
If you did not receive a confirmation of your order, it was not received properly and should be resubmitted.

How come I can't reach anyone by phone to discuss my order?  We are a very small company. We understand that many of you have many questions and as the company grows we will try our best to facilitate responses to all your questions. For Now you may email - vote@myshirthelps.com and we will respond to your email in the order it is received.